Breastfeeding Support

For many new mums breastfeeding and establishing lactation requires guidance and support from a qualified Nurse in lactation and breastfeeding. It is an individual journey and often takes time, education and practice to reach that relaxed and enjoyable feeding rhythm that comes with correct attachment, effective feeding and milk supply management.

Our qualified and experienced Registered Mothercraft nurses or RN’s/Midwives can come to the privacy of your own home in consultation and give you the expert guidance and support you need.

We can advise you with:

  • Correct attachment
  • Increasing milk supply/supply management
  • Feeding positions to suit you/your baby
  • Nipple and breast care
  • Expressing and storing EBM
  • EBM and bottle feeding
  • Diet and lactation
  • Mastitis management 
  • Cracked and grazed nipples care
  • Using nipple shields
  • Referral to specialist IBCLC certified Lactation Consultants